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business people would be able to identify, learn about and work with the enormous yet untapped potential of social capital nearby?

Anytime and anywhere.



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Location Based

Many valuable business opportunities are just a few steps away. We allow users to make use of this untapped potential.


We believe in the power of 'being at the right place, at the right time' - at events, during lunch, at the airport and everywhere else.


BIZZDAR helps users to focus on real conversations, the exchange of ideas and thoughts in an easy way - connect in a chat!


The best way to build valuable business relationships is a personal meeting. Go ahead and talk with each other face to face!


We Disrupt The Business Networking Industry

We provide valuable business networking without distraction of social media by focusing on the biggest potential - nearby professionals.

Quick ROI

As we combine in-app-advertisements, premium in-app-purchases and featured events & locations in a freemium business model, 3 revenue streams guarantee higher returns on investment.

Scalable SaaS Solution

Our business model forecasts tremendous potential globally, easily scalable in each region with an increase of presence & marketing.


Social media is making us anti-social

communicate less in-person because they can simply follow connected users on social media

Large networks face increasing lack of trust

have little to no confidence in data and privacy protection of social media platforms

Face-to-face is key to success

say face-to-face is key to success for long-term and more resilient relationships


2.8 B
Smartphone Users Worldwide By 2020
189 B US$
Worldwide Mobile App Revenues In 2020
After Games, Business Apps 2nd Most Popular IOS App Store Category In 2018
71 %
Global Freemium Apps Market Share With In-App-Purchases
12 M
Total Addressable Market (Germany)
3.6 B €
Revenue Of German Exhibition Companies In 2018
4.5 M
Self-Employed People In Germany, Incl. 1.4 M Freelancers
69 %
Session Growth Of Business & Finance Apps In Germany Between 2017 - 2018


BIZZDAR is proud to support professional networking for renown organisations such as German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and TEDxHUBerlin.
In 2019, BIZZDAR started to partner with the educational organization Up with People, helping to provide their group of 25.000 alumni worldwide with professional networking during their Reunions in Europe and the USA.


Jerko Bozikovic

To us, being a group of international alumni from all corners of the world, BIZZDAR is the ideal solution to network during our meetings. Until today many of our alumni do not know about each others professional background. For the very first time we will be able to provide a true added value at our European Alumni Meetings on that level.

Jerko Bozikovic - Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker & Alumni Rep EMEA at

Birger Husted

BIZZDAR is an excellent new platform on the market. Bringing people together for common business or simply interests where other social networks fail. BIZZDAR brings the face-to-face relations back in to focus and creates a great forum for quickly getting people to link up and meet, making use of the right moment. BIZZDAR is a fantastic tool for small businesses to generate contacts and do business development – right now and right here. BIZZDAR allows the immediate reaction from both the service provider as well as the client, to bring a solution on the table right away. Stronger than any other tool I have seen so far.

Birger Husted - Managing Partner EMA Partners Czech & Slovak | Husted s.r.o. Executive Search & Management Consulting

Jerko Bozikovic
Birger Husted

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Partner & Advisor


Strategic Advisor


The massive increase of user generated content and filter bubbles make it impossible for business people and professionals to network efficiently using existing social (business) networks. We place confidence in a more personal, direct connection between business people. We believe it is time to provide a state of the art solution to foster personal interactions to build meaningful, mutually beneficial business partnerships.
Even though BIZZDAR is the ideal tool when like-minded people gather at one spot, such as a trade fair, convention or congress, we are not intending to compete with existing event apps. We rather intend to motivate business people and professionals to explore the untapped potential for valuable business connections in daily life.
BIZZDAR is based on an advertising-supported freemium business model offering access to all basic features and functionalities for free. Premium users pay a subscription fee to get access to more advanced features and limiting advertisements.
BIZZDAR is fully available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The beta version of BIZZDAR was released early 2019 in closed test environments. After a successful test, we improved the app based on user feedback and fully launched in late 2019. Since February 2020 BIZZDAR also supports Push Notifications, allowing event hosts to communicate with their attendees in real-time.

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