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There are two reasons why you can not see a list of BIZZDAR users as grid or list view: 1) You did not give permission yet to access your location when launching the app. To do so, simply logout and log back in again and watch out to allow to access your location when the pop-up appears. 2) There are no BIZZDAR users in your area
You can search for any text strings in users profiles or filter for your favourite contacts only or users professional background. To search, simply type in the search string in the search field on top of the BIZZDAR page.
Simply use the chat function. To start a chat, click on the conversation icon on the upper right corner in the profile of the user you like to contact.
We introduced hashtags to make it even easier to discover what people are interested in professionally. By clicking on a hashtag, the BIZZDAR view will filter for everyone using this hashtag. Furthermore we introduced "premium tags". If you save a premium tag (e.g. @TEDxHUBerlin2020 or @VDATK20) you can get notified in case these events provide updates.
Your profile photo, first name and last name as well as your approximate position are always public for every registered and authenticated (except blocked) BIZZDAR user in the app. As these are the basic components allowing the functionality of the BIZZDAR mobile app, you can hide your full profile by deactivating your profile (no need to delete your account) by clicking on the "Deactivate account" toggle in your profile settings.

But you have two other options:
A) Profile Info
When editing your profile (Edit button on your profile) you can simply use the toggles to show or hide certain entries and profile information. A switched on toggle means, that your information is publicly visible. To hide certain info, switch off the respective toggle.

B) Location Checkin
You can also use the toggle on the location checkin page to hide or show your location that you checked in at. Please note that this does not affect your profile's approximate position within the BIZZDAR grid or list view. Other users can still estimate their approximate distance to you and your current position.

For further information about our privacy policy and data protection please review our privacy policy 🔗
Use the map tool integrated in BIZZDAR. Click on the map pin icon in the bottom tab navigation bar to reach the "Meet me" page. There, first select your preferred location. Provide also information when you are best available (spontaneously or later). To save that information to your profile, you must "Checkin" - click the upper right button. Likewise, to delete that information from your profile, click the upper left button to "Checkout" from that location.
As we believe in the power of 'being at the right place, at the right time' - at events, during lunch, at the airport and everywhere else - we are providing two options to foster a personal meeting: planned & spontaneous networking.

Plan your event attendance | Event Info in your profile
When you are going to attend an event in the near future, simply add the event information in your profile in the section "Attending an (upcoming) event". If you make this information public, other users can search for this event and when looking at your profile see where you will be next. As they might be at the same event or just in that area, they can contact you and suggest to meet. And of course you can do the same with other users providing their event info.

Spontaneous networking | Location checkin with map
Imagine you have a break during your work day or some spare time while waiting at an airport - why not making use of this moment and meeting an interesting business owner or professional spontaneously for a lunch or coffee. If you tell others where and when you will be available for a personal chat, the chance is higher that somebody takes this opportunity to meet. Use the location map and checkin to select a preferred meeting location and time and show it publicly in your profile. To hide this information in your profile, simply go back on the Checkin Page and switch the toggle off. Anytime, you have full control if you like to make this information public.
Once you received your first chat message, we will ask you, if you would like to get notified about future incoming chat messages. You can turn notifications on and off anytime using the toggles in the settings of your profile.

Registration & Setup
During our startup phase and until further notice, BIZZDAR is offered to you for free. Feel free to use our app to network with business people and professionals as you like. We would appreciate if you help us with your feedback to improve your user experience with BIZZDAR. Please use our feedback form 🔗.
Given the recent password breaches of large social media companies, BIZZDAR is currently abstaining from social logins for security reasons. As most business people and professionals use email in their communication, we only provide email / password authentication. A valid emails is needed to use BIZZDAR.
We at BIZZDAR believe that professional networking is based on trust and we want to motivate business people and professionals to use our networking app to meet in person, face-to-face. To build an honest, likeminded community of curious networkers and to help to avoid stalkers and phantoms, we make it mandatory that you upload a valid portrait photo of yourself when creating your profile. Fair game, for every BIZZDAR user.
We at BIZZDAR believe that professional networking is based on trust and we want to motivate business people and professionals to use our networking app to meet in person, face-to-face. To build an honest, likeminded community of curious networkers and to help to avoid stalkers and phantoms, we make it mandatory that you provide your common first and last name of yourself when creating your profile. Fantasy names or artist names are not allowed. Fair game, for every BIZZDAR user.
BIZZDAR (BIZZDAR GmbH) considers the data protection and privacy of its users to be very important. The collection and use of personal data takes place exclusively within the framework of the legal provisions of the applicable data protection law. For details please read our privacy policy 🔗.
Wait, why? Please let us know what happened. We do the utmost to make our users happy. Please send us a Support Request so we can help you. But if you really like to delete your account - which is possible at any time - you can do so by clicking on "Delete Account" under settings in your profile in the BIZZDAR mobile app.

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